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Lees, the sediment left at the bottom of a fermented liquid like wine, usually contains dead yeast cells and other solids that settle out during the fermentation process. Synonyms for this word could include dregs, sediment, residue, grounds, or settlings. Some other more specific synonyms might include the term "cake," which refers to the layer of sediment that collects on the bottom of a barrel, or the phrase "wine diamonds," which describes the crystalline deposits that can form on the surface of older wines. Regardless of the word used, the presence of lees in a wine can have a significant impact on the flavor, aroma, and texture of the finished product.

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Usage examples for Lees

The lees were among those who enjoyed the soft hum of the bees among the orchard trees.
"Frying Pan Farm"
Elizabeth Brown Pryor
His name was Perfection Fairfax, and he had a pedigree that read like the lees of Virginia.
Durham, Andrew Everett
She spoke French with the accent of Vienna, and her German had in it some of the lingering lees of the Dutch.
James Huneker

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