What is another word for stubby?

Pronunciation: [stˈʌbi] (IPA)

Stubby is a word that refers to something that is short and thick or truncated. Synonyms for stubby include stumpy, truncated, stocky, chunky, thickset, truncated, dumpy, squat, and pudgy. These words are used to describe objects, animals, and even people who are short and thick-set. For instance, one could describe a bulldog as having a stout and stubby appearance, or a tumbler of whiskey as a short and stumpy glass. The use of synonyms adds variety to our vocabulary and helps us convey our ideas more eloquently. Therefore, it is important to use synonyms when expressing our thoughts and ideas.

Synonyms for Stubby:

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What are the hypernyms for Stubby?

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What are the opposite words for stubby?

Stubby is an adjective that commonly refers to something that is short and thick, especially referring to a person's physique or animal's body. Its antonyms are often used to describe physical features that are long and slender. Sleek, slender, slim, lanky, and elongate are some of the antonyms for stubby. These words are typically used to describe physical features of a person or animal that are tall, thin, and have a more elegant or graceful appearance than something that is stubby. While stubby can also imply sturdiness and stability, its antonyms often connote a more fragile or delicate nature.

What are the antonyms for Stubby?

Usage examples for Stubby

Berkeley swore that if he shaved he would be sent to prison; but Cintras pleaded economy, a delicate throat, also the fact that his nose was stubby.
James Huneker
If you did call me eclectic, I must admit that your type is pure, unalloyed Greek; but I won't let you off altogether, for I consider your figure a trifle too stubby.
"With Edge Tools"
Hobart Chatfield-Taylor
Rogers, a large, square-faced man, with a stubby grey moustache and cold grey eyes, looked the youth over carefully as he spoke.
"The Shepherd of the North"
Richard Aumerle Maher

Famous quotes with Stubby

  • "His brain pattern has been fully scanned. But it takes time for them to plot it out. We're all running around like lunatics while he just sits there!" Wisdom poked a stubby finger at the window. "We caught him easily enough. He can't have , can he? But I'd like to know what it is. Before we euth him." "Maybe we should keep him alive until we know." "Euth in forty-eight hours," Wisdom repeated stubbornly. "Whether we know or not. I don't like him. He gives me the creeps."
    Philip K. Dick
  • As remote as the rings of Saturn... A man with his stubby million-rand finger perennially prodding the public's pulse, his eyes constantly roving the horizons of the future, Kerzner has the power of a Prometheus unbound.
    Jani Allan

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