What is another word for sinewy?

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Sinewy is an adjective used to describe something that is lean and strong with defined muscles. It can also mean something that is tough or resilient. There are several synonyms for sinewy, including muscular, brawny, wiry, tough, and fibrous. Other words that can be used to describe something that is sinewy in nature include vigorous, tenacious, and durable. These synonyms are useful when describing anything from a lean athlete to a resilient tree or a tough piece of fabric. Using synonyms can help writers to add depth and dimension to their descriptions and make their writing more interesting and dynamic.

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    Sinewy refers to a muscle or tendon that is strong and durable. Muscles and tendons are made up of fiber, a dense tissue composed mainly of protein. Each fiber is surrounded by a sheath of non-cellular padding called membranes. When the muscle is contracted, the tension on the fiber pulls on the membranes, which causes them to elongate. The elongation of the membrane spreads the blood supply inside the sheath to the muscle, which results in an increase in blood flow and a muscle contraction.

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