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Stymie is a verb that means to hinder, block or thwart someone from achieving their goals. Some synonyms for stymie include obstruct, impede, hinder, hamper, frustrate, foil, deter, halt, curb and delay. These words all share a common theme of preventing progress or forward motion. To obstruct is to create an obstacle in the path of something, while to impede is to slow or restrict progress. Hamper suggests a more active interference, while thwart implies a deliberate attempt to prevent something from happening. Frustrate involves discouraging or disappointing the hopes or plans of someone. Regardless of the word used, stymie describes a frustrating roadblock that prevents achievement.

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How to use "Stymie" in context?

The word "stymie" comes from the late 1800s and originally meant "to obstruct, to impede, to frustrate." In modern usage, it usually refers to the act or an instance of obstructing or impeding someone's progress, typically through clever or persistent tactics. Someone who is stymied often feels frustrated and limited in their ability to achieve their goals.

A stymied effort can be caused by a number of factors, including a lack of resources, a difficult situation, or an opposing force that is more skilled or experienced.

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