What is another word for facilitate?

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Facilitate is a powerful word, meaning to make something easier or simpler. However, there are a variety of synonyms available that can add depth and nuance to your writing. Some possibilities include "streamline," "ease," "simplify," "assist," "help," "expedite," "pave the way," "enable," and "promote." Each of these words can help to emphasize a different aspect of facilitating, such as efficiency, support, or speed. Choosing the right synonym for your purposes can help you to create a more compelling and nuanced piece of writing, whether you are crafting a professional report or a creative work of fiction.

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    When it comes to facilitating, few words can communicate the true importance that they play when it comes to organizational effectiveness. facilitate, in its most basic definition, is the action of making something easier or more convenient for someone. In an organizational setting, facilitating can be thought of as the process of making the work of employees and officers easier and more efficient. This can be accomplished by providing or helping to provide the necessary tools and resources, creating a vision and mission that employees can rally around, establishing clear and attainable goals, and creating a supportive environment.

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