What is another word for inhibit?

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Inhibition is a natural tendency to prevent something from happening or to put a stop to it. Some synonyms that come to mind include restrain, impede, hinder, limit, curtail, and restrict. All of these words describe a situation where there is some sort of obstacle that prevents progress in a certain direction. To inhibit something is to put a hold on it or to create a barrier, and these synonyms all describe similar actions. They are useful when describing situations where someone or something is being held back, and can often be used interchangeably depending on the context.

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    An inhibit is a chemical that blocks or stops the activity of a chemical or enzyme. Inhibition can also refer to the physical obstruction of a fluid flow. An enzyme can only catalyze a reaction if it is in a free and active form. The activation of the enzyme is inhibited by the presence of a inhibitor.

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