What is another word for bobber?

Pronunciation: [bˈɒbə] (IPA)

Bobber is a term used for a type of fishing tackle that is used to suspend a lure or bait at a specific depth. However, there are also several other terms that can be used as synonyms for bobber. Some of these words include float, cork, quill, and buoy. These words are often used interchangeably with bobber, depending on the region or type of fishing being done. While each term may differ in their design or material, all of these words serve the same purpose as the bobber - to help anglers keep their bait or lure at the right depth and detect when a fish bites.

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Usage examples for Bobber

The tip of the slender rod in his left hand dipped slightly, and sixty feet out beyond the end of the old dock a green and white bobber began twitching about.
"Gone Fishing"
James H. Schmitz
Then the bobber suddenly disappeared.
"Gone Fishing"
James H. Schmitz
Then he pumped Petey's arm until the latter danced like a cork bobber.
"At Good Old Siwash"
George Fitch

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