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Trammel is a verb that means to restrict or hinder someone or something. Its synonyms include impede, obstruct, hamper, restrain, confine, and fetter. Other words that can be used in place of trammel include hinder, encumber, shackle, stifle, and limit. These words convey the idea of something or someone being held back or prevented from reaching its full potential. Trammel can also be used as a noun to refer to a restriction or hindrance, and its synonyms include constraint, impediment, obstacle, and barrier. Overall, trammel, and its synonyms, describe the action or state of constraining or limiting.

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The trammel is a traditional, dual-purpose instrument from Europe. It is a drum-like instrument that is played with a drumstick. The drum′s surface is made from a cow′s bladder stretched over a hoop, with a hole in the center. When the player strikes the drumstick against the bladder, it creates a rattling and pounding sound. Trammel players often use the instrument to accompany folk dances and folk music.

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