What is another word for set free?

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The phrase "set free" is commonly used to describe the act of releasing someone from captivity or imprisonment. However, there are many different synonyms for this phrase that can be used to provide variety and nuance to our language. Some options include "liberate," "release," "free," "unshackle," "emancipate," "discharge," "manumit," "unburden," "unbind," "untie," and "unleash." Each of these words offers a slightly different shade of meaning, allowing writers and speakers to convey a particular emotion or intention in their use of language. By exploring the various synonyms for "set free," we can become more mindful and creative in our communication.

Synonyms for Set free:

What are the hypernyms for Set free?

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What are the opposite words for set free?

The phrase "set free" implies the act of releasing someone or something from confinement or restraint. It can be used to describe the liberation of a prisoner, a bird released from a cage, or a person being released from bondage. Antonyms for the term would include phrases such as "captured," "locked up," "imprisoned," or "restricted." Each of these words conveys a sense of captivity or confinement, and imply that the person or thing in question is not free to move or act as they would wish. In contrast, "set free" suggests that someone or something is now at liberty and able to move about freely.

What are the antonyms for Set free?

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