What is another word for quicken?

Pronunciation: [kwˈɪkən] (IPA)

There are a variety of synonyms for the word "quicken," each with its own unique connotation and usage. For example, "accelerate" represents a rapid increase in speed or intensity, while "hurry" implies an urge to move quickly. Similarly, "spur" suggests motivation or encouragement, while "stimulate" can be used to describe causing an increase in activity. Other related words include "hasten," "expedite" and "facilitate," all of which describe a sense of increased urgency or efficiency. Whether you need to quicken your pace to meet a deadline or simply want to add some energy to your actions, there are plenty of synonyms available to help you express your intentions.

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What are the opposite words for quicken?

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to the given word. The word "quicken," which means to speed up, has several antonyms. One of its antonyms is "slow down," which means to decrease the speed or pace of something. Another antonym is "delay," which means to make someone or something wait or hold back. "Halt" is another antonym for quicken, which means to come to a stop or cease moving. Similarly, "retard" means to slow down the progress or growth of something. Lastly, "decelerate" is an antonym that refers to decreasing the speed or rate of something. Knowing these antonyms helps to articulate communication and better understand the context around the usage of the word quicken.

What are the antonyms for Quicken?

Usage examples for Quicken

All seeds are of this nature, dead until favouring circumstances and soil quicken them into life.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
Looking through glasses, the sight of the gregarious herd made our hearts quicken.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
As John stood and listened to this portentous advance, his heart did not quicken a beat.
"The Man from Jericho"
Edwin Carlile Litsey

Famous quotes with Quicken

  • Great literature should do some good to the reader: must quicken his perception though dull, and sharpen his discrimination though blunt, and mellow the rawness of his personal opinions.
    Alfred Edward Housman
  • Music, when soft voices die, Vibrates in the memory; Odors, when sweet violets sicken, Live within the sense they quicken.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • Challenges are success catalysts in disguise. Yes of course, a catalyst is an organic substance that speeds up a chemical reaction. Similarly to that, challenges are catalystic in nature. Because, they are meant to quicken one to succeed in life and not at all for him or her to fail. Thus, do take up all your challenges. Because, they are for your good or betterment.
    Emeasoba George
  • The history of Greek mathematics is, for the most part, only the history of such mathematics as are learnt daily in all our public schools. ...If it was not wanted, as it ought to have been, by our classical professors and our mathematicians, it would have served at any rate to quicken, with some human interest, the melancholy labours of our schoolboys.
    James Gow (scholar)
  • The indirect influence of Christianity has been to quicken Hinduism to life. The cultured Hindu society has admitted its grievous sin against the untouchables. But the effect of Christianity upon India in general must be judged by the life lived in our midst by the average Christian and its effect upon us. I am sorry to have to re record my opinion that it has been disastrous. It pains me to have to say that the Christian missionaries as a body, with honourable exceptions, have actively supported a system which has impoverished, enervated and demoralised a people considered to be among the gentlest and most civilized on earth...
    Mahatma Gandhi

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