What is another word for trope?

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A trope refers to a frequently recurring metaphor, theme or literary device that is used in storytelling. Some synonyms for this word include cliche, motif, device, convention, formula, archetype, pattern, and theme. The use of a specific trope can establish a common understanding between the writer and the reader. In literature, tropes are often used to convey complex emotions, ideas and concepts with ease. They can create an instant emotional connection between the reader and the story. Whether it is a moral lesson or a common character type, tropes have been used throughout history to engage and entertain readers of all ages.

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How to use "Trope" in context?

A trope is a type of narrative or dramatic convention that is used in fiction or drama. Tropes are generally repetitive or formulaic and can be used to improve the pace or storytelling effectiveness of a work. They can be identified through their common uses, structures, or themes. For example, in many works, a protagonist will undergo an initiation or redemption arc, in which they are taught about the importance of their role in society or the world. In other works, a character may be motivated by revenge or jealousy.

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