What is another word for synecdoche?

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Synecdoche is a figure of speech in which a part of something is used to represent the whole, or vice versa. There are several synonyms for this word, including metonymy, substitution, subspecies, and pars pro toto. Metonymy is when a word is used to represent something closely related to it, such as using "crown" to represent a monarch. Substitution is when one word is replaced with a similar word, such as using "car" instead of "vehicle". Subspecies is when a smaller group is used to represent a larger group, such as using "fish" to represent all aquatic animals. Pars pro toto is when a part is used to represent the whole, such as using "hands" to represent a person.

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How to use "Synecdoche" in context?

In Aristotelian term "synecdoche", the term describes a figure of speech that consists of using a part to represent the whole. For example, "The sun rises" can be said as "The sun is rising" because the whole is represented by the part.

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