What is another word for tyrannous?

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Tyrannous refers to a person or system that is oppressive, cruel, and unfair in their exercise of power. Some synonyms for tyrannous include despotic, autocratic, dictatorial, oppressive, and authoritarian. Other synonyms include domineering, overbearing, imperious, arbitrary, and high-handed. These words all describe a style of leadership that involves the abuse of power and the disregard of the rights and freedoms of others. In contrast, antonyms for tyrannous include democratic, egalitarian, and liberal, which indicate a more fair and just style of leadership that values the equality and well-being of all individuals.

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How to use "Tyrannous" in context?

Tyrannical is an adjective that describes someone who is excessively domineering and tyrannical. They are often unyielding and do not tolerate opposition. They may be a dictator or a leader who only governs through force.

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