What is another word for wearying?

Pronunciation: [wˈi͡əɹɪɪŋ] (IPA)

When looking for synonyms for the word "wearying," there are several options to choose from. One option is the word "fatiguing," which implies a sense of physical and mental exhaustion. Another option is "tiring," which suggests a draining or depleting effect on energy. "Draining" is another synonym that conveys a sense of becoming depleted or exhausted. "Exhausting" is a more direct synonym that refers to a cause of weariness. Lastly, "wearisome" is a synonym that emphasizes a sense of being dull, repetitive, or monotonous. All of these words can be used interchangeably with "wearying" to describe a sense of tiredness or fatigue.

Synonyms for Wearying:

What are the hypernyms for Wearying?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for wearying?

Wearying is a word that refers to something that is tiring, exhausting, or dull. Some antonyms for wearying could be energizing, invigorating, refreshing, stimulating, exciting, or thrilling. Energizing suggests something that provides a boost of energy or motivation, while invigorating implies something that revitalizes or renews. Refreshing refers to something that provides relief from weariness or exhaustion, while stimulating implies something that engages the mind or senses. Finally, exciting and thrilling refer to something that arouses strong emotions or anticipation, and are therefore opposite to things that are dull and monotonous. When seeking antonyms for wearying, these words can be useful to describe alternative experiences.

Usage examples for Wearying

It was quite wearying having to be so comparatively literal.
"The Furnace"
Rose Macaulay
Am I wearying you, Harry, by dwelling on the traits of a man who, for the brief space I have known him, has made the most profound impression upon me?
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
I can tell you, beloved, that I am much concerned about our affairs, and now that I have begun to talk wisely I may talk a little more without wearying you.
"The Maid of Maiden Lane"
Amelia E. Barr

Famous quotes with Wearying

  • I don't get very involved in the L.A. scene. When you do get invited out, you are expected to be on all the time. It's just wearying.
    Tracey Ullman
  • Pills are the great infantilizers of our time. Adulthood can be wearying, and so some grow nostalgic about childhood dependencies.
    Antonella Gambotto-Burke
  • You don't know what I'm up against. Because it's full of, of, of things that are only correct because they're grammatical, but they're tough on the ear, you see. This is a very wearying one. It's unpleasant to read. Unrewarding. "Because Findus freeze the cod at sea, and then add a crumb-crisp" Ooh, "crumb-crisp coating." Ahh, that's tough, "crumb-crisp coating." I think, no, because of the way it's written, you need to break it up, because it's not, it's not as conversationally written.
    Orson Welles
  • If he bring me a rose, a briar rose, To place in my braided hair, I shall know there are thorns in life for me And many a wearying care. If he bring me a lily pure and pale And lay it upon my breast, I shall know that my life will be of peace, As a bird in its mother's nest.
    Clara Jessup Moore
  • The thing that irks me most is this shattered prison, after all. I’m tired, tired of being enclosed here. I’m wearying to escape into that glorious world, and to be always there; not seeing it dimly through tears, and yearning for it through the walls of an aching heart; but really with it, and in it.
    Emily Brontë

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