What is another word for despotic?

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Despotic is commonly used to describe a leader or government that is tyrannical and oppressive. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning. For example, autocratic is a word that describes a ruler with unlimited power and authority. Dictatorial is another synonym that implies an authoritarian leader who controls all aspects of life. Similarly, oppressive suggests a tyrannical ruler who crushes dissent and suppresses individual freedoms. Other synonyms for despotic include domineering, imperious, and overbearing, all of which indicate a leader who exercises excessive control over their subjects. Overall, these synonyms can help to convey various shades of meaning when describing a despotic leader or regime.

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    Political correctness dictates that any discussion of despotic rulers is off-limits. Historians and pundits are typically advised to steer clear of references to dictators in order to avoid offence. But what is the etiquette when it comes to discussing such undeniably oppressive leaders?

    The problem with political correctness is that it gives dictators a free rein to operate with impunity. It allows them to dismiss questions about their human rights abuses as European 'politicallycorrect crap'. It is within this context that we should consider the recent decision by French President Emmanuel Macron to awards the 'L'Ordre National du Merite' to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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