What is another word for more condign?

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[ mˈɔː kəndˈa͡ɪn], [ mˈɔː kəndˈa‍ɪn], [ m_ˈɔː k_ə_n_d_ˈaɪ_n]

More condign is a phrase that is used to describe a punishment that is deserved or appropriate based on the severity of an offense. If you're looking for synonyms for this term, you might consider using terms such as just, fitting, or appropriate. Other options include proportional, equitable, and commensurate. Each of these words conveys the idea that a punishment should be consistent with the crime committed, which is the essence of the concept of condign punishment. If you're writing about a legal or ethical issue and you're looking for the right words to describe a punishment that is fair and just, these synonyms for more condign may prove useful.

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    What are the opposite words for more condign?

    The term "more condign" implies a higher degree of deserving punishment or reward. Its antonyms include "less deserved," "less justified," "unmerited," and "undeserved." These words suggest the absence or reduction of a justifiable claim to punishment or reward. A person who receives less deserved recognition or punishment than others may be referred to as undeserving or less condign. In contrast, the opposite of "more condign" may be "fair," "just," "equitable," or "deserved." These words indicate that the level of punishment or reward corresponds to the extent of the offense or the merit of the action. Overall, the antonyms for "more condign" reflect a range of possible evaluations of justice, fairness, and moral worth.

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