What is another word for brunette?

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[ b_ɹ_ʌ_n_ˈɛ_t], [ bɹʌnˈɛt], [ bɹʌnˈɛt]

Synonyms for Brunette:

brown (adjective) dark (adjective) eastern poison oak (adjective) dark eastern poison oak Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Brunette:

  1. sweat, vignette, regret, quintet, cornet, met, marquette, fret, silhouette, roulette, burnett, sextet, octet, wynette, forget, vet, minuet, statuette, wet, gillette, nett, upset, beget, preset, rosette, pipette, beset, willamette, whet, colette, set, yet, bet, net, duet, brunet, cadet, sobriquet, diskette, quartet, threat, tagamet, jet, tourette, pirouette, debt, let, gazette, tibet, offset, lafayette, get, reset, flageolet, stet, coronet, pet;
  2. abet;
  3. baronet, clarinet, calumet, cigarette, anisette;
  4. cabriolet;

Quotes for Brunette:

  1. As a brunette I had previously been this serious actress. Then I became a blonde and got to play a completely different, comic role. Loni Anderson.
  2. I do know the Spelling family. I worked for Aaron Spelling when I was a brunette I've known them since Tori was a little girl. Loni Anderson.
  3. When I first met my agent, I said, If something comes up and it fits my age range and personality, I would like you to send me up for it, even if it specifies blonde or brunette Tia Carrere.

Adjectives for Brunette:

  • slender.