What is another word for extends?

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Extends is a versatile word with a range of synonyms that can be used to convey its meaning. Some of the most commonly used words that are synonymous with extends are elongate, lengthen, stretch, broaden, expand, increase, amplify, enlarge, spread, and escalate. Each of these words conveys the act of making something longer or broader either physically or in a more conceptual sense. These synonyms come in handy in writing and oral presentations to avoid repetition and enhance the clarity of the intended meaning. It is essential to note the context in which the word extends is being used to choose the most relevant synonym.

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    How to use "Extends" in context?

    Extends is one of the most popular React libraries in the world. It makes creating Rich React Components a breeze.

    If you're not familiar with extends, it's essentially a helper function that allows you to create custom React components without needing to use either the createClass or Component constructor.

    Creating a new extendable component is as simple as:






    var MyComponent extends extends react . Component { render ( ) { return (

    Hello, world!

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