What is another word for wishes?

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Wishes are expressions of hopes, desires, and aspirations. Synonyms for the word "wishes" include "desires," "hopes," " aspirations," "expectations," "yearnings," " dreams," "ambitions," "intentions," "objectives," "goals," "plans," "requests," "prayers," "pleas," and "blessings." Wishes are often used to express positive feelings, such as goodwill and blessings, towards someone. They can also be used to convey negative sentiments, such as curses or ill-will. Whatever the case may be, wishes are an integral part of human communication, as they reflect our deepest desires and hopes for ourselves and others.

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    When you think of wishes, what comes to mind? Many individuals might think of childhood dreams, things they've always wanted to do, or wishes they've made for others. Different people have different wishes, and some of them might seem impossible to achieve. But as long as you keep your wishes in mind and believe in them, anything is possible.

    Let's take a look at some of the most popular wishes and see what they mean.

    1. "I wish I could be invisible."

    Invisibility might not actually be possible, but escape from attention can be a great wish.

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