What is another word for artilleryman?

Pronunciation: [ɑːtˈɪləɹˌɪmən] (IPA)

An artilleryman is a soldier responsible for the operation of artillery equipment during military engagements. Other terms used to describe this role include gunner, artillery operator, artillery specialist, artillery crewman, artilleryman/woman, cannoneer, and artillerist. These soldiers are highly trained in the use of artillery weapons and are responsible for maintaining and operating the weapons during combat operations. The job of an artilleryman is critical to the success of any military operation involving artillery, and requires precision, attention to detail, and strong teamwork skills. Synonyms for this important role reflect the varied responsibilities and skills required of those who serve in this capacity.

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Usage examples for Artilleryman

I open the door, and push the big fair artilleryman into the room where his brother has just died.
"The New Book Of Martyrs"
Georges Duhamel
"If her Majesty's ships had been manned with a full supply of good gunners," said honest William Thomas, an old artilleryman, "it would have been the woefullest time ever the Spaniard took in hand, and the most noble victory ever heard of would have been her Majesty's.
"History of the United Netherlands, 1586-89, Vol. II. Complete"
John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: February 7, 2009
Magruder was an artilleryman, and has been a good deal in Europe; and having been much stationed on the Canadian frontier, he became acquainted with many British officers, particularly those in the 7th Hussars and Guards.
"Three Months in the Southern States, April-June 1863"
Arthur J. L. (Lieut.-Col.) Fremantle

Famous quotes with Artilleryman

  • "What's this? Am I falling? My legs are giving way under me," he thought, and fell on his back. He opened his eyes, hoping to see how the struggle of the French soldiers with the artilleryman was ending, and eager to know whether the red-haired gunner artilleryman was killed or not, whether the cannons had been taken or saved. But he saw nothing of all that. Above him there was nothing but the sky — the lofty sky, not clear, but still immeasurably lofty, with gray clouds creeping quietly over it.
    Leo Tolstoy

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