What is another word for coolie?

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Coolie is a term that has been used to describe unskilled laborers in Asia, particularly in countries like China and India. However, the term is considered derogatory and offensive as it has been used historically to oppress and dehumanize these laborers. Synonyms for coolie include words like laborer, worker, employee, porter, peon, and servant. These words are more appropriate to describe individuals working in certain industries and professions and should be used instead of coolie. It is essential to use language that is respectful and free from any discriminatory or derogatory connotations, especially to avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes and attitudes.

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    The word "coolie" has many meanings, but generally it refers to a manual laborer in East Asia, primarily in the British Empire, in the early 20th century. The term is seen as derogatory in some circles and the worker themselves were often referred to as such.

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