What is another word for basal?

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Basal is a commonly used term that refers to the bottom or base of something. However, there are several synonyms available to replace this everyday word such as fundamental, primary, basic, essential, rudimentary, underlying, and elemental. These synonyms are often used in scientific and academic contexts, where accuracy and precision are essential. For example, instead of using "basal metabolic rate," one can use "fundamental metabolic rate" or "primary metabolic rate." In summary, these synonyms can add variety and richness to our vocabulary and can help us communicate our ideas more effectively.

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    Usage examples for Basal

    Columella reduced to a thin layer of scales and granules upon the brownish basal membrane.
    "The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio"
    A. P. Morgan
    There were then as now the beautiful arches; there were the fragments of the temple porches, with their pillars; there was the "unknown column with the buried base"; there were all the elements of emotion and meditation; and it is possible that sentiment has only been cumbered Avith the riches which archaeology has dug up for it by lowering the surface of the Cow Field fifteen or twenty feet; by scraping clean the buried pavements; by identifying the storied points; by multiplying the fragments of basal or columnar marbles and revealing the plans of temples and palaces and courts and tracing the Sacred Way on which the magnificence of the past went to dusty death.
    "Roman Holidays and Others"
    W. D. Howells
    Experiment 84.-Light a Bunsen flame, with the basal orifices open, and hold over it a fine wire gauze.
    "An Introduction to Chemical Science"
    R.P. Williams

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