What is another word for boardwalks?

Pronunciation: [bˈɔːdwɔːks] (IPA)

Boardwalks, also known as promenades or waterfront walkways, are popular features of many coastal towns and resorts. These structures provide visitors with scenic views of the shoreline and access to local shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Other synonyms for boardwalks include pier, jetty, wharf, quay, esplanade, and causeway. Each of these terms highlights a slightly different aspect of these waterfront structures, such as the presence of boats or the purpose of the walkway. Regardless of the specific terminology used, boardwalks remain a beloved feature of many seaside destinations, offering both beauty and function to residents and tourists alike.

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Usage examples for Boardwalks

You've seen them, in pairs, swinging their skirts along the boardwalks of any small town, their eyes on every man and a burst of giggles always on tap.
"The Mystery of The Barranca"
Herman Whitaker
I mean there aren't any hotels and boardwalks and things like that.
"A Campfire Girl's Test of Friendship"
Jane L. Stewart

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