What is another word for cakewalk?

Pronunciation: [kˈe͡ɪkwɔːk] (IPA)

Cakewalk is a word that refers to an easy task or an activity that is simple to accomplish. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used instead of cakewalk to convey the same meaning. Some of these words include breeze, picnic, walkover, child's play, piece of cake, pushover, and slam dunk. Each of these words highlights the fact that the task or activity is not difficult and can be done with ease. Whether in conversation, writing, or formal communication, these synonyms for cakewalk can be used interchangeably to add variety and emphasize the simplicity of the task.

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What are the opposite words for cakewalk?

Cakewalk is often used to describe a task or activity that is easy or effortless. Some of the antonyms for cakewalk that denote difficulty or challenge include difficult, hard, tough, laborious, arduous, challenging, grueling, demanding, strenuous, and onerous. These words convey the idea of requiring effort, perseverance, and endurance to complete. Other antonyms for cakewalk that suggest confusion or complexity include complicated, convoluted, intricate, complex, and perplexing. These words imply that the task at hand needs more attention, analysis, and creativity to be effectively carried out. Thus, though cakewalk is often seen as a positive word, its antonyms highlight the importance of grit, intelligence, and problem-solving in tackling challenging tasks.

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Usage examples for Cakewalk

A group of men in white flowing robes and high conical hats-decorated with mystic symbols worked out in precious stones that looked like rubies and emeralds, though of such size that this seemed scarcely credible-were walking round and round the altar in a sort of what the irreverent Billy termed "a cakewalk."
"The Boy Aviators in Africa"
Captain Wilbur Lawton
No. This millionaire, much discussed because of his piquant originality, has put on a dress coat with two pointed tails behind, and, geared in a white shirt front and white tie, with silk socks highly colored and patent leather shoes, this splendid American product has led a cotillon and has led a cakewalk.
Brisbane, Arthur
Releasing her from this respectful confinement, he offered the invisible lady a gracious arm and walked up and down the room with a stateliness tempered to rhythm, a cakewalk of strange refinement.
"Gentle Julia"
Booth Tarkington

Famous quotes with Cakewalk

  • When I go out with Journey, it is a complete cakewalk. I can afford my own bus.
    Neil Schon

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