What is another word for keep down?

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The phrase "keep down" is often used to mean "suppress" or "control," and there are several other synonyms that convey similar ideas. Some of these include "restrain," "subdue," "quell," "stifle," "pacify," and "manage." Each of these words implies a degree of control or regulation over something that might otherwise become chaotic or uncontrollable. For example, keeping down a rebellious crowd might involve using force or other means to prevent them from causing damage or harm. Similarly, keeping down one's emotions might require conscious effort to avoid becoming overly angry or upset. Ultimately, the phrase "keep down" describes a process of maintaining order, both within oneself and in the world around us.

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    When cleaning something, whether it be a room or a piece of furniture, it is important to keep it down. When you are cleaning something, be sure to keep the dust particles down and wipe in a straight line. This will help to avoid creating dust mites and also keep your furniture looking newer for longer.

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