What is another word for buy at?

Pronunciation: [bˈa͡ɪ at] (IPA)

Buy at is a common phrase used to describe purchasing something from a specific location or at a certain price. There are many synonyms you can use to convey the same meaning such as purchase, acquire, procure, obtain, and get hold of. All of these terms suggest the act of buying something, whether it's a physical item or a service. By using these synonyms, you can add variety to your vocabulary and express yourself in different ways. For instance, rather than always using the phrase 'buy at,' you might say 'I procured the item at a discount price.' It makes your language more interesting and engaging.

Synonyms for Buy at:

What are the hypernyms for Buy at?

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What are the hyponyms for Buy at?

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What are the opposite words for buy at?

Buy at is a phrasal verb that means purchasing something at a particular price or from a specific seller. Antonyms for this word would be selling at, selling for, or the verb sell. For example, if someone wants to sell an item, they would use the antonym "sell at" instead of "buy at." Similarly, if the transaction involves the price of the item, the antonym would be "sell for." The opposite of buying at a particular store would be to shop somewhere else or to purchase online. Therefore, the antonyms for buy at encompasses both the act of selling and purchasing.

What are the antonyms for Buy at?

Famous quotes with Buy at

  • Don't try to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. It can't be done except by liars.
    Bernard Baruch
  • Making a million dollars is the simplest thing in the world. Just find a product that sells for $2000 and that you can buy at a cost of $1000, and sell a thousand of them.
    Jerry Gillies
  • I have been under considerable pressure to buy at least a laptop computer. I have always turned the suggestions down for the reason that I have never done creative work on a typewriter. There is to me a lack of empathy.
    Winston Graham
  • It isn't as important to buy as cheap as possible as it is to buy at the right time.
    Jesse Livermore
  • A whole new generation is looking at the videos, and going to the video shop and buying the re-release of the complete trilogy, which you can buy at a reasonable price.
    Peter Mayhew

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