What is another word for back up?

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The phrase 'back up' is commonly used in a range of settings to describe the act of providing support or assistance. There are many synonyms for 'back up' that can be used depending on the context, including 'assist', 'aid', 'help', 'support', 'back', 'reinforce', 'validate', 'confirm', 'substantiate', 'corroborate', 'certify', and 'vouch for'. In workplace settings, 'cover', 'substitute' and 'relieve' are also common synonyms for this phrase, while 'back off' or 'withdraw' can be used in more confrontational scenarios. Whatever the context, there are a wide range of phrases that can be used as synonyms for 'back up' depending on the situation.

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How to use "Back up" in context?

In computing, a backup is a copy of data or information that is made in anticipation of a potential loss or damage. In the context of data storage, backups are typically created to allow for quick and repeated restoration of data in the event of a loss or damage.

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