What is another word for repair?

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Repair is a word that refers to the act of fixing something that has been damaged or broken. There are different synonyms for repair that one can use to write effectively. Some synonyms include mend, fix, patch up, restore, refurbish, rejuvenate, renew, revitalize, and rehabilitate. 'Mend' can be used if the damage isn't significant enough to cause replacement. 'Fix' can be used when one aims to put something in order or gets it to work. 'Patch up' can be applied if getting the object to work again needs quick repair work, while 'restore' suggests a more significant and longer process of repair. 'Refurbish' and 'rejuvenate' are also useful if one wants to renew or revamp something that's worn-out. Finally, 'renew' can be used to suggest a more comprehensive change that's required.

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Antonyms for repair include words like damage, break, impair, and harm. While repair is to fix, mend, or restore something that has been broken or damaged, damage is to inflict harm or injury upon something, and break is to shatter or crack something. Impair means to weaken or undermine the quality, ability or value of something, while harm is to injure or cause pain or suffering to something or someone. The antonyms for repair imply destruction or deterioration, rather than restoration or improvement. It is essential to understand the antonyms of repair to identify and avoid activities that could cause damage to an object.

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Usage examples for Repair

Making their way rapidly to the building, which was old and much out of repair, they entered the open doorway.
"Leo the Circus Boy"
Ralph Bonehill
If, therefore, part of a sledge should be broken, other parts of a discarded sledge could offer repair sections easily.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
To return was imperative, since it would take at least six weeks to repair the damage that we had sustained.
"A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas"
Fanny Loviot

Famous quotes with Repair

  • The damage done in one year can sometimes take ten or twenty years to repair.
    Chinua Achebe
  • The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at and repair.
    Douglas Adams
  • We need prefab housing, we need to repair what can be repaired. We have appealed to the whole world to ship tents and blankets to Pakistan.
    Shaukat Aziz
  • That difficult start drove me on to inspire children and let them know that it is never to late to repair a bad experience at school, and once you get your head down and start to read books, you can really achieve.
    Johnny Ball
  • On the other hand, I believe there's hope, because the breakdown and the repair are happening simultaneously.
    Kathryn Bigelow

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