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Synonyms for the word "brook" include stream, creek, rivulet, rill, runnel, bourne, and tributary. These words all refer to a small, shallow body of water that flows naturally along a path. A brook is generally considered to be smaller than a river, and may have a rocky or pebbly bottom. Depending on the region, different words may be used to describe this type of body of water, such as "burn" in Scotland or "beck" in northern England. While the word "brook" is most commonly used in the United States, these other synonyms offer a variety of options for describing a meandering and peaceful waterway.

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Brook is a small stream or creek that flows through urban and rural areas. Brook ecosystems are characterized by aquatic plants and animals that are adapted to these disturbed habitats. Brook ecosystems are important for the production of fish, amphibians, and other vertebrates that serve as food sources for predators and other species.

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