What is another word for purport?

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Purport refers to the main message or intended meaning of something. There are many synonyms for this word including imply, convey, suggest, indicate, reveal, assert, signify, express, represent, and insinuate. Each of these words carries a slightly different nuance, but they all share the common thread of indicating something important or significant. Synonyms for "purport" can be used in a variety of contexts including literature, legal agreements, and marketing campaigns. Choosing the right synonym means selecting a word that accurately reflects the desired message while also being accessible to the intended audience.

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How to use "Purport" in context?

Purport is a term meaning "to allege, to declare with intent to be believed" or "to assert as an excuse." It is often used in law and its use is often subject to misinterpretation. In law, purports to denote a statement or representation that is not fully and unequivocally true, but is made with the intention of establishing a legal right or obligation. A purport to act in good faith is an important defense to a charge of scheming.

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