What is another word for propose?

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[ p_ɹ_ə_p_ˈəʊ_z], [ pɹəpˈə͡ʊz], [ pɹəpˈə‍ʊz]

Synonyms for Propose:

intend (verb) plan (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Propose:

  1. grows, rows, knows, rose, flows, bows, nose, clothes, throes, froze, glows, blows, sews, prose, goes, doze, beaus, crows, hoes, hose, chose, close, pros, slows, pose, bose, foes, tows, throws, shows;
  2. enclose, disclose, transpose, forgoes, depose, bestows, foreclose, arose, dispose, repose, suppose, expose, compose, impose, oppose;
  3. interpose, presuppose, juxtapose, decompose;
  4. overexpose, superimpose;

Quotes for Propose:

  1. No other terms than unconditional and immediate surrender. I propose to move immediately upon your works. Ulysses S. Grant.
  2. A very considerable body of the German people live in America and propose to fight that Government. Bourke in his great speech last week welcoming the Belgian mission to Boston worked out the President's meaning with care. Shane Leslie.
  3. When I first was conducting as guest conductor in Europe 25 years ago, I would propose doing American pieces and grudgingly it would be accepted from time to time. Michael Tilson Thomas.

Idioms of Propose:

  1. propose sth to sm;
  2. propose to sm;
  3. propose a toast;