What is another word for cygnet?

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[ sˈɪɡnɪt], [ sˈɪɡnɪt], [ s_ˈɪ_ɡ_n_ɪ_t]

Cygnet is a term commonly used to refer to a young swan. However, there are several synonyms that are synonymous with this term. Some of these synonyms include "swanlet," "swanling," "swan chick," and "baby swan." Each of these terms is used to refer to a young swan in various contexts. For instance, swanlet and swanling are often used in technical discussions focusing on breeding and rearing of swans, while swan chick and baby swan are often used in informal contexts. Regardless of the context, all these synonyms have one thing in common - they all refer to young swans.

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    Usage examples for Cygnet

    In March, 1686, Dampier in a little barque, the cygnet, commanded by Captain Swan, quitted the American coast and sailed westward across the Pacific.
    "The Naval Pioneers of Australia"
    Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery
    It has been stated that the cygnet touched at New Holland.
    "The Naval Pioneers of Australia"
    Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery
    The ship remained in cygnet Bay until March 12th, and during that time the vessel was hove down and repaired.
    "The Naval Pioneers of Australia"
    Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery

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