What is another word for aver?

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The word "aver" refers to the act of stating or asserting something as true. There are several synonyms that can be used to replace "aver" in order to add variation to your writing. One synonym for "aver" is "affirm". This word also conveys a sense of confidence in the statement being made. Other synonyms for "aver" include "declare", "assert", "propound", "maintain" and "posit". Each of these words can be used to emphasize a different aspect of the act of asserting a statement. Use of these synonyms can help to add complexity and nuance to your writing, while conveying a strong conviction and assurance in the statement being made.

Synonyms for Aver:

How to use "Aver" in context?

If someone says that they are "averting" a particular outcome they are indicating that they do not want it to happen and are doing everything they can to try and avoid it. An aver is also known as a precautionary measure and is used when there is a danger that something will happen even if there is no proof that it will. It can also be used as a form of warning or encouragement.

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