What is another word for sashay?

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Sashay is a term that means to walk with a relaxed and confident manner, often with a bit of a sway and a flourish. This term is often utilized in fashion and runway walk contexts. Some synonyms for sashay that you can use to express this same idea include strut, swagger, saunter, stroll, glide, and prance. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, but all refer to a kind of confident, self-assured walking style. Other possible synonyms include flounce, skip, dance, and twirl, which imply a more fanciful or playful kind of movement. Ultimately, the synonym you choose depends on the exact tone and context you wish to communicate.

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    Usage examples for Sashay

    A lot of them fur-faced boys that hurl the merry bombs are goin' to pull off a red-flag sashay up the Avenoo.
    "The Wrong Twin"
    Harry Leon Wilson
    Once in a while Claudine made a bold sashay to start something devilish, but the Fillies trained on the Farm did not seem gaited for the Grand Circuit.
    "Ade's Fables"
    George Ade
    While me 'n' Peewee rides, you sashay out among the rubes 'n' get the coin down on whichever hoss we frames to win.
    "Blister Jones"
    John Taintor Foote

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