What is another word for ecstatic?

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Ecstatic is a word that embodies a feeling of intense joy and excitement. There are many other words that can be used to describe this incredible feeling, such as euphoric, exhilarated, elated, overjoyed, thrilled, excited, rapturous, exultant, and jubilant. Each of these words captures the essence of feeling that one experiences when they are ecstatic. Whether it is receiving a long-awaited promotion, achieving a significant milestone, or winning a major competition, these synonyms can all be used to articulate the overwhelming joy and happiness that one feels at that moment. So, if you are feeling ecstatic about something, choose the word that best describes how you feel and share your joy with others.

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What are the opposite words for ecstatic?

Ecstatic means feeling overwhelming happiness or joy. Antonyms for the word "ecstatic" are words that imply the opposite emotions. Some antonyms are depressed, miserable, gloomy, sad, downcast, unhappy, dejected, and melancholy. These words imply sadness, despair, and hopelessness. The feeling of ecstasy is a rare moment that can be brought about by something like success or happiness. However, there are times when people may experience the opposite emotions for reasons that can range from personal issues to outside influences like the weather. In such instances, antonyms are useful in expressing these negative emotions.

Usage examples for Ecstatic

No shadow of fear darkened the almost ecstatic rebellion of her mood.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
There was no longer an ecstatic patriotism to inspire one to fabulous exploits.
"Frying Pan Farm"
Elizabeth Brown Pryor
Verena, unable to restrain herself any longer, bent down and encircled Marjorie with her strong young arms and clasped her in an ecstatic embrace.
"Girls of the Forest"
L. T. Meade

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