What is another word for depressing?

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Depressing is a word that describes a feeling of sadness and gloom. It can be used to express a variety of emotions such as sadness, grief, disappointment, or hopelessness. Some synonyms for the word depressing include gloomy, disheartening, disturbing, abysmal, bleak, despondent, dismal, melancholy, somber, and unhappy. Each of these synonyms adds a different layer of meaning to the word, but all convey a sense of deep sadness or disappointment. It is important to understand these synonyms in order to fully understand the emotions and experiences that people may be going through, and to be able to express empathy and support.

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Depressing is a feeling of extreme sadness and hopelessness. However, there are several antonyms to this word that evoke joy and happiness. Some of the antonyms for depressing are uplifting, encouraging, inspiring, refreshing, delightful, and exhilarating. When we feel uplifted, we find comfort and confidence that things will get better, and our spirits are lifted. Encouraging words or actions boost our motivation and help us strive towards goals. Inspiration stimulates creativity and sparks ideas. Feeling refreshed rejuvenates our mind and body, bringing a new sense of energy. Delightful experiences bring joy and pleasure, and exhilarating moments trigger excitement and thrill. These antonyms give us a chance to experience and enjoy the opposite of what we may be feeling.

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Usage examples for Depressing

I may as well be frank and admit that half that was depressing me was sheer loneliness and wounded pride.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
To ride over twenty miles of blackness is depressing enough in itself, but to find, at the end of the journey, that one's work has all gone for nothing, and one's money and one's plans and hopes, is worse than depressing.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower
I feared her tears and wailings would have a depressing effect on Helen.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford

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