What is another word for dashed?

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Dashed is one word that has multiple synonyms with differing shades of meaning. Words such as dashed generally mean fast and rapid movement but can also refer to a sudden end to something. Alternatives to dashed include darted, rushed, bolted, flew and zoomed which all suggest rapid movement. Words like dashed are also used to describe disappointment or a sudden end to something. Synonyms for this usage include failed, ruined, destroyed, thwarted, foiled and wrecked. Overall, synonyms for dashed provide writers with a range of choices for conveying swift movement and sudden endings based on the context.

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How to use "Dashed" in context?

Dashed lines are a graphical representation of data that has been interrupted or cut off. They can represent a range of values and can be used to highlight changes in a graph or chart.

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