What is another word for bearish?

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Bearish is a commonly used term in the world of stock markets. It is used to describe a person or situation that is characterized by a pessimistic outlook. Some common synonyms of bearish include pessimistic, negative, cautious, and skeptical. A bearish investor is one who believes that the market is likely to experience a downward trend and therefore chooses to sell stocks rather than buying. Other synonyms include apprehensive, doubtful, and wary. These terms are often used during market analysis and indicate that the investor foresees a decrease in share prices or overall poor market performance. Overall, synonyms for bearish reflect a cautious and pessimistic outlook on the market and signify the need for careful consideration before investing in stocks.

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    A bearish signal is an indicator that suggests the price of a security or commodity may fall in the future. Historically, when a bearish signal is detected, it is often followed by a fall in prices.

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