What is another word for dingbat?

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[ dˈɪŋbat], [ dˈɪŋbat], [ d_ˈɪ_ŋ_b_a_t]

Dingbat is a colloquial term that is used to refer to a foolish or eccentric person. Although it is a commonly used term, it can sometimes be considered offensive. If you are looking for alternative words that can convey the same meaning without being derogatory, then you can use words like quirky, oddball, peculiar, eccentric, unconventional, zany, or idiosyncratic. These words can add a touch of humor or lightheartedness to your conversation, without offending anyone. Moreover, these synonyms are more specific and can provide a clearer picture of the kind of behavior or character you are describing.

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    Dingbat is a term that is used to describe a person who is considered foolish or silly. The antonyms for dingbat would be words that describe intelligence or wisdom. Some of the antonyms could be words such as clever, astute, intelligent, smart, wise, or brilliant. These words describe a person who has a sharp mind and is capable of making wise decisions. Using these words instead of dingbat can make a person sound more educated and sophisticated as they are using words that are often associated with success and intelligence. It is important to choose the right words to describe people as it can greatly impact the way they are perceived by others.

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    Usage examples for Dingbat

    Then he hurls said Patent dingbat into the nearest pool.
    "Camp and Trail"
    Stewart Edward White
    You will argue to yourself somewhat in this fashion: "Yes, that is all very well; but it was only a matter of sheer chance that the Patent dingbat is not in pile No. 1. To be sure, I did not use it on this particular trip; but in other conditions I might need it every day."
    "Camp and Trail"
    Stewart Edward White
    But if perchance the Captain and I wished to get up before anybody else could be hired to get up, the dingbat could be so loaded as to give down an automatic breakfast.
    "The Killer"
    Stewart Edward White

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