What is another word for spastic?

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The word "spastic" is often used in an offensive or derogatory manner to describe a person with cerebral palsy or other neurological conditions. As a result, it is important to be mindful of our language and use more appropriate and respectful synonyms. Some synonyms for "spastic" include "rigid," "stiff," "uncontrolled," "jerky," and "involuntary movements." Additionally, terms such as "person with cerebral palsy," "individual with a neurological condition," or simply "someone with mobility difficulties" can be used to describe individuals with these conditions in a more respectful manner. Choosing our language carefully and using appropriate synonyms can help to create a more inclusive and respectful society for all individuals.

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    People with spasticity have difficulty telling the difference between smooth and jerky movement. They often have trouble with fine motor skills, such as threading a needle. This can make everyday tasks, such as shopping, difficult. Some people with spasticity also have difficulty with Balance and coordination.

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