What is another word for bounteous?

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[ bˈa͡ʊnti͡əs], [ bˈa‍ʊnti‍əs], [ b_ˈaʊ_n_t_iə_s]

Bounteous means giving or providing in generous quantities. There are several synonyms for bounteous, such as abundant, lavish, plentiful, copious, ample, and profuse. These words all denote a large or excessive amount of something. Abundant implies a plentiful supply that seems without limit. Lavish suggests an extremely generous or extravagant nature. Similarly, plentiful refers to an ample and easy supply. Copious implies a plentiful or heavy quantity that is frequently produced. Ample describes a quantity that is more than adequate to meet one's needs. Lastly, profuse suggests an excessive outpouring or a great abundance. These synonyms indicate an overwhelming abundance of something.

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    How to use "Bounteous" in context?

    There is no one perfect word to describe everything positive. But if we were to choose one, bountiful would be a good match. bounteous describes being full of generosity and good will, something that comes easy to those who have it in abundance. In the dictionary, bounteous is defined as "very generous in giving." This generosity is something we should all strive for, as it benefits others as well as ourselves.

    There are many things we can give, financially and otherwise. Money can be donated to charity, used to purchase groceries for the food bank, or gifted to friends and family.

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