What is another word for induct?

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Induction is the process of introducing or admitting someone or something into a group or organization. It can also refer to the initiation of a person into a particular society or group. Some synonyms for the word induct include enroll, enlist, admit, include, initiate and introduce. Induction implies a formal or official process, unlike introduce which is more informal. It is often used in the context of academic, military, or professional environments to describe the process of accepting or bringing someone into the fold. Employers may also use induction during employee onboarding to introduce new team members to the company culture and practices.

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    Induct refers to the process of formally admitting someone into a particular position, organization or group. Its antonym would be to exclude, which means to prevent someone from being included or taking part in something. Another antonym for induct is expel, which means to remove someone forcefully from a position or location. Dismiss is also an antonym for induct, indicating the release of someone from a job, duty, or organization. Reject and decline are other antonyms for induct that signify the denial of admission to someone. In summary, the antonyms for induct are exclude, expel, dismiss, reject and decline.

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    Usage examples for Induct

    I will induct you thither."
    "Hector's Inheritance or The Boys of Smith Institute"
    Horatio Alger
    From motives of benevolence or cupidity the master sweep agreed to induct young Montague into the mysteries of cleansing flues, and the lad remained in his employment for some months.
    "Curiosities of Impecuniosity"
    H. G. Somerville
    I was to report for duty on the World on a Sunday morning, when Merrill would induct me into the methods of the newspaper, preparatory to his vacation, beginning two or three days later.
    "Recollections of a Varied Life"
    George Cary Eggleston

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