What is another word for standing?

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The word "standing" can be used in a variety of contexts, from describing an individual's physical posture to describing their reputation or social status. Some synonyms for "standing" include: rank, status, position, prestige, reputation, reputation, grade, level, classification, condition, and situation. In terms of physical posture, synonyms for "standing" might include "upright," "erect," or "vertical." Additionally, the word "standing" can be used in legal contexts to describe an individual's right to bring a legal case (known as "standing to sue"), in which case synonyms might include "eligibility" or "qualification." Ultimately, the synonym for "standing" depends on the specific context in which it is being used.

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    In my experience as an artist, there is one thing that I feel is essential for my practice: space. Whether I am working in a studio or abroad, the ability to have some measure of separation between myself and my surroundings is key to my productivity. This is why I always value good standing lighting.

    Standing lighting can create a natural and flattering separation between your subject and the backdrop, making skin look softer and eyes brighter. In addition, it can help to create the sense of depth. For a portrait, for example, having the subject stand in front of a backdrop that extends out in front of them creates a sense of separation and depth.

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