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An estuary can also be referred to as a bayou, a delta or a fjord. It can also be described as a tidal basin, a lagoon or a sound. An estuary is an area where a river meets the sea, and it can also be called a mouth or a inlet. Other synonyms for estuary include creek, channel or strait. It is a dynamic ecosystem, rich in biodiversity and serves as a vital nursery for many aquatic species. An estuary is also important for economic purposes, providing recreational opportunities and a vital source of fisheries.

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    An estuary is a marine body of water where fresh and salt water meet. Estuaries are found in both marine and freshwater environments. They are an important link in the food web and can provide important habitat for wildlife. Many estuaries are also Sites of Special Scientific Interest. There are several types of estuaries, including tidal estuaries, brackish estuaries, and marine estuaries. Tidal estuaries are found along the coasts of high- tide tidal rivers and in sheltered bays. Brackish estuaries are located in coastal salinities between fresh and salt water.

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