What is another word for escape?

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[ ɛskˈe͡ɪp], [ ɛskˈe‍ɪp], [ ɛ_s_k_ˈeɪ_p]

Escape refers to the act of breaking free from a particular situation or place that is unpleasant or dangerous. There are several synonyms for escape, such as flee, run away, depart, elope, abscond, bolt, evade, avoid, and get away. Flee means to quickly move away from a danger or distressing situation, while run away suggests an effort to escape from captivity or control. Depart typically refers to a more formal or planned exit, while elope implies a secret departure with another person. Abscond and bolt refer to a sudden departure, while evade and avoid suggest efforts to escape from something difficult or unpleasant. Finally, get away refers to simply leaving a particular location or situation.

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How to use "Escape" in context?

Escape is a word that has many different meanings depending on who you ask. For some people, escape may mean to get away from a difficult situation. For others, it might mean to find a way to be successful. On a more fundamental level, escape is the act of leaving a place where you are trapped. In many cases, escape may be the only way to survive. When you are trapped in a dangerous situation, escaping can be the key to your survival. Escape may be the only way to find safety. Escape may be the only way to find a peaceful resolution to a conflict. It can be the key to your happiness or your freedom.

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