What is another word for fallaciousness?

Pronunciation: [falˈe͡ɪʃəsnəs] (IPA)

Fallaciousness refers to the quality of being deceptive, misleading, or false. Some synonyms for this term include deceitfulness, dishonesty, falsehood, untruthfulness, inaccuracy, error, fallacy, distortion, and misinformation. These words all describe the same basic trait of being untrue or misleading, but they may carry slightly different connotations. For example, deceitfulness and dishonesty suggest a deliberate attempt to deceive, while inaccuracy and error may simply indicate a mistake or lack of knowledge. Fallacy and distortion suggest a more systematic or intentional misrepresentation of facts or ideas. Regardless of the specific term used, fallaciousness is always a negative trait that undermines trust and credibility.

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What are the hypernyms for Fallaciousness?

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What are the opposite words for fallaciousness?

Fallaciousness, which means the quality of being deceptive or misleading, has several antonyms that describe the opposite of the word's meaning. First and foremost, the antonym of fallaciousness is truth, honesty, and reliability. These words denote those who are very genuine and trustworthy in their actions, thoughts, and approaches. Secondly, accuracy, rightness, and validity are other antonyms of fallaciousness that signify truthfulness and correctness. In addition, Infrequency, rarity, and scarcity are antonyms that suggest a scarcity of falsehood or deception. Lastly, precision, exactness, and meticulousness connote that someone is careful and precise in their work, leaving no room for error, falsity or lies. These terms are opposite of fallaciousness and represent a high degree of honesty and integrity.

What are the antonyms for Fallaciousness?

Usage examples for Fallaciousness

The poet, whose name is Deor, has experienced the fallaciousness of early success.
"Anglo-Saxon Literature"
John Earle
For the fourteen hundred million francs which France had expended in the war, she had the satisfaction of detaching the American colonies from England, thus inflicting a blow which it was confidently hoped would prove fatal to the maritime power of her ancient rival; but beyond this short-lived satisfaction, the fallaciousness of which events were soon to show, she obtained very little.
"The Critical Period of American History"
John Fiske
Blackstone, the great authority of the eighteenth century, set forth this theory of the division of power between King, Lords, and Commons with clearness and force, and nobody then understood English history minutely or thoroughly enough to see its fallaciousness.
"The Critical Period of American History"
John Fiske

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