What is another word for prevarication?

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Prevarication is a word that refers to the act of lying or being evasive in speech. There are several synonyms one can use to describe this behavior. One such synonym is falsehood, which refers to a statement that is untrue or misleading. Another synonym is dishonesty, which refers to a lack of integrity or sincerity in one's words or actions. Other synonyms for prevarication include deceit, duplicity, fabrication, and dissembling. Each of these words describes a form of dishonest or deceptive behavior, but they do so with slightly different nuances that may be relevant in different contexts.

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How to use "Prevarication" in context?

Prevarication is a type of lying, in which a person gives a false assertion of fact or gives a misleading statement with the intent to deceive. Prevarication may be intentional or unintentional. Prevaricators may be motivated by personal gain, self-preservation, or to maintain social harmony.

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