What is another word for mirage?

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Mirage is a phenomenon that has mystified many individuals. As an optical illusion, it appears to be something that is present but is in reality, nothing more than a trick played by the atmosphere. It is understandable that there are many synonyms for this word- hallucination, illusion, figment of imagination, fantasy, vision, and delusion. Sometimes, they are used interchangeably to amplify the impact of the concept. These words carry similar meanings and are apt in evoking the feeling of something being present but not entirely real. In general, when describing a mirage, the word choice depends on the context and the intention of the writer or speaker.

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    A mirage is an optical illusion caused by an uneven distribution of heat in a atmospheric environment. This uneven heating of the air creates an image that is not really there. The image can be faint or crisp, depending on how much heat is present.

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