What is another word for falling out?

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When we talk about disagreements or arguments between people, we often use the phrase "falling out." However, there are many other synonyms one can use to describe this type of situation. One common term is a "dispute," which refers to a disagreement or argument between people or groups. Other synonyms include "quarrel," "clash," "rift," "discord," and "fracas." These words all convey a sense of conflict and tension, and are often used to describe interpersonal conflicts that arise from disagreements on a wide range of issues. When it comes to falling out with someone, it's important to avoid using hurtful language, and to try to work through any disagreements in a respectful and compassionate manner.

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    How to use "Falling out" in context?

    When we fall out with someone, we experience a range of emotions that can include anger, hurt, sadness, and regret. falling out can happen for a variety of reasons, such as disagreement on a shared goal, neglect, or simply not feeling connected to that person anymore. If we allow our fall out to fester, it can lead to a full-blown breakup. However, if we take the time to address our issues head-on, we can often manage to mend our relationship. Here are some tips for avoiding and resolving a falling out:

    1. Recognize that falling out can happen for a variety of reasons.

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