What is another word for quarrel?

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Quarrel is a word which can be used to describe an argument or disagreement between two or more people. However, there are many other words which can be used as its synonym such as conflict, dispute, altercation, clash, wrangle, disagreement, bickering, strife, and discord. These words all imply a disagreement between people, but have slightly different connotations based on the severity and nature of the argument. Conflict and dispute tend to suggest a more serious disagreement, while altercation and wrangle imply a heated argument. Bickering and strife often refer to a prolonged disagreement, and discord relates to a general lack of agreement amongst a group.

Related words: resentful, angry, argumentative, disagreement, quarreling, tit for tat, contention, heated argument

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How to use "Quarrel" in context?

Words can never truly express the depth of feeling that exists between two people when they argue. Oftentimes, an argument is simply the result of one person asserting their dominance or opinion over the other, and in the heat of the moment, words may fly. But arguments can also be based on genuine misunderstandings or assumptions that lead to resentment and conflict.

At their core, arguments are about trying to reach a resolution that satisfies both parties. Unfortunately, when one party feels threatened or belittled, they may react Fuel the flame of the argument, which can quickly become a quarrel.

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